Galerie Nacivet

Visit our art gallery in Auxerre to discover beautiful photos and stories about Jean-Paul’s journey around the world.

If you have been looking for a place to find the perfect photo for your apartment or home, this might be the perfect place.

We have the largest and most diverse photography collection from a single artist with almost a million shots taken since 1975 all around the globe.

At this gallery you can choose from hundreds of photographs that can transform your interiors, ready to put on your wall.

Canvas prints, beautiful photos for your home and living rooms. 

Everything is handmade.

OPEN from 10h30 to 19h00

33 Rue du Temple, Auxerre 89000 France

Most of our products can be bought online on this website and shipped directly to your address.

The Artist

Pictured here while crossing Papua New Guinea by foot from coast to coast in 1976 as part of his two and a half years trip around the world from 1975 to 1978. Jean-Paul Nacivet has carried a camera ever since. Numerous expeditions on every continent, kilometers of film took this self taught photographer at the heart of visual emotions. Later influenced by several years living in Japan and traveling over 70 000 kilometers by motorbike, his artworks became more minimalistic. Early on Jean-Paul decided to work only with natural light and at the end of the 1980’s pioneered the art of water abstracts, vortex, water drops in suspension. Creating astonishing abstractions with intersideral aspects. All of this using crystal clear water, light games and his film camera. Later his fine art nude photographs became famous and more characteristic of his work.

Jean-Paul Nacivet walking across Papua New Guinea from coast to coast 1975

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